Roger is the One FC Light Heavyweight Champion

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Congratulatios to our professor Roger Gracie, He becomes the One FC Light Heavyweight Championship belt.

He just needed 2 mins, 56 secs from first round to guarantee His victory by submission (kata gatame / Arm triangle).

Roger became the first member of the Gracie family to win a major MMA title after decades and decades of winning jiu-jitsu tournaments.

His opponent was, Michal Pasternak (11-1) lost for the first time in his pro career.

Roger said:

“It feels awesome,” Gracie said. “I want to dedicate this belt to my family. We’ve been fighting for years. We’re a family of fighters.

I didn’t know that was it, but I knew he was in trouble. It’s a five-minute round, so I didn’t want to rush.

I was taking my time. But once that choke was on, I knew he was done.

“Now I want the middleweight belt. That’s my division. I want two belts. ONE FC, give it to me.”


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